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    NetTN services are available to any state agency, local government, institution of higher education,
    K-12, library, eHealth, 911, or non-profits.
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    The NetTN Team consists of the NetTN Partners, the NetTN Program Office, and AT&T.

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    Check here for network status and information.

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Welcome to NetTN - Tennessee's Broadband Network Initiative

Serving the needs of:

·          E911

·          ehealth

·          Higher Education

·          K-12

·          Libraries and Local Government – all 95 counties

·          Non-profits and private schools

·          State Government

·          TEMA

The State of Tennessee’s contractor, AT&T, will design access connectivity with an overarching goal of ensuring expected performance.

The NetTN Wide-Area-Network outsourced solution:

  • NetTN is based on a private core network, built to meet the State of Tennessee’s communication requirements.  This infrastructure is the basis for all future services over the Internet and collaborative computing initiatives for the next ten years.
  • The infrastructure is the enabler for building an application-aware network to link locations and efficiently transmit applications such as voice, data, and video over a single connection.  
  • Access options to connect to the network include Dedicated Private Line, Ethernet, Wireless, and xDSL (where available).

Paramount features of the NetTN effort are Security, Availability and Reliability:

  • The physical NetTN network is designed to eliminate a single point of failure from isolating key network points, and minimize increases in network latency in failure scenarios.  
  • All main core backbone links between the key points are 10 Gigabits Ethernet circuits.  The design has been arranged so that a failed core link will not result in excessive latency across a surviving core link.  
  • The NetTN Core backbone is scalable to 40 Gigabit services, and as end site bandwidth is ordered and aggregated, will be managed to the applicable SLAs.

AT&T, in conjunction with the Independent Local Exchange Companies, cable providers and Electric Co-op’s, provides the technologies from a last mile perspective listed under the NetTN products and services page.  The service offerings incorporate a universal pricing structure across the state to ensure that rural areas may participate fully in the development of electronic government services, extended education presence and information access. 

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about what NetTN can do for you!